Masterflex® Digital Benchtop Gear Pump Systems, Avantor®

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MFLX74014-52-EUEA 3910 EUR
MFLX74014-42-IN MFLX74014-32-UK MFLX74014-52-EU MFLX74014-22-DK MFLX74014-42-IT MFLX74014-42-IL MFLX74014-52-AU MFLX74014-62-EU MFLX74014-42-UK MFLX74014-32-USS MFLX74014-62-IT MFLX74014-02-DK MFLX74014-32-IT MFLX74014-72-CH MFLX74014-12-DK MFLX74014-42 MFLX74014-72-USS MFLX74014-62-AU MFLX74014-32-IN MFLX74014-02 MFLX74014-32-IL MFLX74014-32-EU MFLX74014-22-CH MFLX74014-32-AU MFLX74014-52-UK MFLX74014-62-IL MFLX74014-62-IN MFLX74014-52-IL MFLX74014-02-CH MFLX74014-72 MFLX74014-52-IT MFLX74014-22-USS MFLX74014-32 MFLX74014-42-EU MFLX74014-52-USS MFLX74014-12-CH MFLX74014-62-UK MFLX74014-52-IN MFLX74014-72-DK MFLX74014-42-AU MFLX74014-42-CH MFLX74014-02-AU MFLX74014-62-DK MFLX74014-12-AU MFLX74014-12-EU MFLX74014-62-USS MFLX74014-72-UK MFLX74014-02-USS MFLX74014-72-IN MFLX74014-22-AU MFLX74014-72-IL MFLX74014-62 MFLX74014-52-DK MFLX74014-22-EU MFLX74014-32-CH MFLX74014-22 MFLX74014-22-IT MFLX74014-42-DK MFLX74014-72-IT MFLX74014-12-USS MFLX74014-42-USS MFLX74014-02-UK MFLX74014-72-EU MFLX74014-12-UK MFLX74014-22-IL MFLX74014-72-AU MFLX74014-22-IN MFLX74014-62-CH MFLX74014-02-IL MFLX74014-32-DK MFLX74014-02-IN MFLX74014-12-IT MFLX74014-52 MFLX74014-02-IT MFLX74014-22-UK MFLX74014-12-IN MFLX74014-12-IL MFLX74014-52-CH MFLX74014-12 MFLX74014-02-EU
Masterflex® Digital Benchtop Gear Pump Systems, Avantor®
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Order the complete pump drive and head system.

  • Graphical LCD shows four operating modes
  • IP33 rating ensures splash and dust resistance
  • Systems deliver pulse-free flow in combination with Micropump® A-mount head
  • Remote control via DB25 female connector on drive

Calibrate, copy, and dispense features produce precise, pulseless batching and dispensing. View pump performance continually. Retrieve displacement and flow values by pump head size.

These precision systems are easily operated from the intuitive, multilanguage LCD front panel or optional foot switch 07523-92 for hands-free on/off control. The IP33-rated enclosure protects internal components from damage.

Service kits 07144-42 and 74012-52 include: gears, suction shoe, shaft seals, and springs
Service kit 74012-22 includes: gears, bushings, and seals

Toimitustiedot: Includes 6-ft (1.8-m) line cord with IEC 320/CEE22 socket. These models are shipped with country specific plug/cord set; please specify ultimate destination when ordering.
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