Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Digital Piston Pump Systems with MasterflexLive®, Avantor®

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MFLX78018-63-ITEA 4640 EUR
MFLX78018-64-USS MFLX78018-65-CH MFLX78018-61-CH MFLX78018-63-IT MFLX78018-63-IN MFLX78018-66-DK MFLX78018-62-DK MFLX78018-65-USS MFLX78018-64-AU MFLX78018-64-EU MFLX78018-66-USS MFLX78018-63-UK MFLX78018-64-IL MFLX78018-66-CH MFLX78018-62-USS MFLX78018-62-CH MFLX78018-64-IT MFLX78018-64-IN MFLX78018-63-DK MFLX78018-61-IT MFLX78018-65-AU MFLX78018-61-EU MFLX78018-65-EU MFLX78018-61-AU MFLX78018-64-UK MFLX78018-65-IL MFLX78018-65-IN MFLX78018-66 MFLX78018-64 MFLX78018-65 MFLX78018-62 MFLX78018-63 MFLX78018-65-IT MFLX78018-61-IN MFLX78018-61 MFLX78018-61-IL MFLX78018-63-CH MFLX78018-64-DK MFLX78018-66-AU MFLX78018-62-IT MFLX78018-66-EU MFLX78018-62-EU MFLX78018-62-AU MFLX78018-65-UK MFLX78018-61-UK MFLX78018-66-IL MFLX78018-66-IN MFLX78018-61-USS MFLX78018-62-IN MFLX78018-66-IT MFLX78018-62-IL MFLX78018-65-DK MFLX78018-64-CH MFLX78018-61-DK MFLX78018-63-EU MFLX78018-66-UK MFLX78018-62-UK MFLX78018-63-AU
Masterflex® Ismatec® Reglo Digital Piston Pump Systems with MasterflexLive®, Avantor®
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Achieve high pressure, accuracy, and repeatability—with an intuitive touch-screen interface.

  • MasterflexLive® is a secure, cloud-enabled platform for monitoring Masterflex pumps
  • Compact, benchtop pumps optimize ease of use, accuracy, and reliability
  • 5” (12.7 cm) capacitive TFT/RGB touch screen features crisp resolution and a wide viewing angle
  • Flexible operational control via screen or analog remote control
  • Continuous run, volume dispense, and time dispense modes—batch control and interval/off time in volume and time modes
  • Pump allows for saving and retrieving commonly used dispense programs for rapid set up
  • Anti-drip and speed ramping available in volume dispense mode—ensure accuracy and minimize sample loss
  • Valveless piston pump head is low maintenance and has fewer piston seizures or clogs
  • Pump head features a single moving part for less drift over time—offering millions of cycles of reliable, repeatable pumping
  • Three-level user access – gives you the option of controlling who can operate the pump and at what level

These drives give you accurate performance and precise digital control—ideal for fluid transfer, dispensing, and automated processes.

MasterflexLive® is a secure, cloud-enabled platform for monitoring Masterflex pumps; get real-time notifications of pump parameters – including speed, flow rate, dispense volume, and more. You can monitor critical processes running 24/7 without the need for onsite personnel while push notifications alert you to operating conditions and error messages.
Internet connection via Wi-Fi or standard Ethernet (RJ45) jack on rear of drive. USB connection allows for downloadable firmware updates to be loaded into the pump.

Valveless piston pump heads feature small displacement which provides excellent precision. Heads are fully adjustable from zero to maximum.

Tilaustiedot: Each model includes a country specific plug/cord set; choose the catalog number with desired country plug type. All units include an IEC 320 socket with a detachable standard US three prong power cable. See country plug description

Toimitustiedot: Includes pump drive, valveless piston pump head, and power adapter with 1,8 m (6 ft.) line cord. These models are shipped with country specific plug/cord set; please order the specific catalog number with the desired plug type.
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