Microplate readers, multi-mode, SpectraMax® Mini

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Microplate readers, multi-mode, SpectraMax® Mini
The SpectraMax® Mini multi-mode microplate reader offers a budget friendly solution that gives you exactly what you need when you need it. With three modes of detection for UV/Vis absorbance, fluorescence and luminescence, the SpectraMax® Mini reader is user-upgradeable - from two to three modes, providing researchers with a versatile instrument that does not compromise on sensitivity or performance.

  • Industry leading software - enjoy an extensive library of protocols, advanced reader control, and easy data management and analysis with our 'best in class' SoftMax Pro software
  • Approachable design - effortless functionality provides users with everything they need to run their most crucial applications quickly and without complications
  • AutoPMT technology - allows a wide range of concentrations to be prepared and read on one plate, avoiding saturation (or the loss of signal) and saving you time and money
  • Expanded wavelength range - Xenon flash lamps allow you to excite samples in the UV range where halogen does not
  • Affordable - gain access to over 30 years of experience and technology in a compact, multi-mode reader that was built for researchers with sensitive budgets
  • Flexible - perform your favourite applications with a user-friendly reader that accommodates plate types from six to 384-well formats; up to three modes of detection measuring absorbance with NFC-tagged filters for fluorescence, luminescence, or both
  • Easy to use - save time on training, data generation, and data analysis, for faster results

Everything you need to run your most crucial applications quickly and easily.

Access your favourite applications, including ELISA, DNA and protein quantitation, cell viability, gene expression, and more with a compact, upgradeable microplate reader that does everything you need and lets you add detection modes in the future.

The SpectraMax® Mini reader provides tuneable absorbance, filter-based fluorescence and luminescence, temperature control, and easy analysis and data export with SoftMax Pro software.
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