Sequencing the human microbiome

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Sequencing the human microbiome
Opetusmateriaalit Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
Learn the basics of DNA sequencing and sequence homology with this lab activity.

  • No sophisticated lab equipment needed
  • Provides enough material for 10 lab groups
  • Takes 45 minutes to complete

Humans live in a delicate balance with the microorganisms that live in and on their bodies. If this balance is disrupted, harmful bacteria can multiply and cause disease. In this experiment, students will read DNA sequence obtained from automated DNA sequencing technologies. The data will be analyzed using publicly available databases to identify the bacterial species present in a patient sample. The results will be used to make a diagnosis.

This experiment contains a total of twelve sections of automated DNA sequence printouts. Students can use any DNA sequence database to perform the activities in this lab. For purposes of simplification we have chosen to illustrate the database offered by the NCBI.

Tilaustiedot: To complete this activity students will need a computer with internet access.
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