Single- and multi-well reservoirs, Axygen®

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AXYGRESSW384HPSI AXYGRESSW384LPSI AXYGRES-SW384-FXSI AXYGRES-MW4-HP 732-1401 732-1400 AXYGRES-SW12HPSI AXYGRES-SW8-HPSI AXYGRES-MW8-HP-SI AXYGRES-SW96LPSI AXYGRES-SW8-HP-S AXYGRES-SW96-HP-SI 732-1391 732-1390 732-1393 613-2304 732-1392 732-1395 613-2307 732-1394 613-2306 613-2308 732-1396 732-1399 732-1398 AXYGRES-SW96HPSI AXYGRES-SW1LPSI
Single- and multi-well reservoirs, Axygen®
These polypropylene reagent vessels are appropriate for automated and manual applications

  • Reservoirs are made of clear virgin polypropylene for excellent chemical resistance
  • All reservoirs feature an SBS footprint for compatibility with most robotic systems
  • Flat-bottom reservoirs are single-well format and are guaranteed flat

Trough reservoirs incorporate flow troughs that hold the sample across the length or breadth of the reservoir in either 8- or 12-trough configurations. Diamond-bottom reservoirs feature 96- and 384-well profiles that are ideal for 8- and 12-channel pipettor applications.

Tilaustiedot: Sterile reservoirs are individually wrapped.
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