Slim EBP bar

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Slim EBP bar
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The Desco Europe Slim Earth Bonding Point Bar (or Common Ground Point) has been designed to be installed underneath bench tops where it will be accessible to all connecting ground cords and where it is unlikely to be knocked and damaged or hinder the operator.

  • Connect earthing cord to a suitable earth
  • A spare ring terminal is supplied if the cord needs to be shortened

With a width of only 15 mm it is especially suitable for benches with narrow edges. The product is supplied with reverse-mounted screws held in position by self-retaining washers, thereby making the installation process simple. The distance between screw centres is 89 mm. The design of the ABS plastic moulding provides strength to the assembly and the rounded corners ensure comfort during use for the operator.

A 1 megohm resistor is built-in to each connector. The normal earth contact is linked via individual resistors rated at ¹/₂ W. In the event of a workstation element becoming live the resistor will limit the fault current to less than 0,3 mA at 240 V. The resistor is capable of withstanding 500 VDC for 6 minutes.

Per EN 61340-5-2 paragraph 5.1.1 "A nominal 1 megohms resistor is commonly used in wrist straps and to ground work surfaces. In the event of an operator touching an energized conductor, for the normal mains electricity supplies this resistor will limit the current flowing through the person to less than 0,5 mA. Current limiting or cut-off devices should also be considered and in some areas may be demanded by legislation."

The operator connects the wriststrap to the stud via a coiled cord. A second stud can be used to connect a working surface. The third connection is available for guest use or to ground another item such as a trolley. Periodic verification of the ground path should be part of the ESD control programme.
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