VWR® MCC 2000 Manual Colony Counter

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710-2246EA 1440 EUR
VWR® MCC 2000 Manual Colony Counter
The MCC 2000 is designed for the rapid and accurate counting of bacterial colonies.

The MCC 2000 colony counter is an easy-to-use instrument for precise working with Petri dishes of various dimensions. The surface is sensitive to touch, therefore every single mark with the pen is additionally indicated with sound and number. The controller is equipped with acoustic counting control and automatic compensation of the weight of different Petri dishes. Even illumination of the counting field is guaranteed by a ring light. The magnifying glass ensures a clear view. Its position can be easily adjusted. A clear 3-digit LED display enables it to work in different light conditions.

Toimitustiedot: Supplied with magnifying glass (2,5 times magnification, fi 100 mm), glass plate, tool for removing glass plate, standard marker, exchangeable background plate (double sided: white and black background), Wolfhuegel grid (fields area: 1 cm² and ¹/₉ cm²), adapters for various sizes of Petri dishes (3 pcs.) and power cable.
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