Standard plates and mats, 96-well, WebSeal™

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HYPE60180-P135EA 386 EUR
HYPE60180-P135 HYPE60180-P100 HYPE60180-P133 HYPE60180-P130 HYPE60180-P105 HYPE60180-P103 HYPE60180-P104
Standard plates and mats, 96-well, WebSeal™
Kuoppalevyt Solid Supported Liquid/Liquid Extraction Plates (SLE)
WebSeal™ Standard Plates are plastic, non-coated, nonsterile, and chromatography tested.

  • WebSeal™ plates are manufactured from a GC/MS tested polypropylene material
  • Microplates are chemically and thermally resistant and will tolerate temperatures from will tolerate temperatures from −80 to 121 °C
  • SBS and ANSI standard footprint design for broad instrument compatibility
  • U- and V-bottom wells for optimal sample recovery
  • Low binding PP for homogenous assays and storage

WebSeal™ Mats and Sealing Tapes are nonsterile. Mats are manufactured of EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) or pure silicone with or without PTFE coating. Silicone mats are dry heat autoclavable, offer excellent chemical compatibility, and withstand temperatures as low as −80 °C. They resist coring and tearing and provide superior resealability after multiple injections. Sealing tapes minimize evaporation and protect samples from contamination and spills. A wide range of adhesive seals are available for every assay. The thin, lightweight tapes seal onto the plate with a convenient, handheld applicator.
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