Baskets and Accessories for Modular Basket Systems

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ELMA1125218EA 69 EUR
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Baskets and Accessories for Modular Basket Systems
These accessories for the modular basket system for Elmasonic P, Elmasonic select, EASY make cleaning small parts easy. These components for use with the Modular Basket System allow users to combine, adapt and customise the basket system for their requirements for cleaning with for Elmasonic P, Elmasonic Select and EASY ultrasonic baths.

  • Basket for cleaning small parts
  • Compatible with Elma pins
  • Modular Basket System is a powerful tool enabling effective and efficient cleaning processes as well as flexible loading
  • The number of objects that can be cleaned in the basket is maximised
  • Optimal cleaning results are ensured thanks to perfect placement
  • Helps save water, cleaning chemicals, energy as well as time and money
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