Ready-to-Load™ kits, cholesterol diagnostics

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Ready-to-Load™ kits, cholesterol diagnostics
Opetusmateriaalit Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
Genetic testing can be used to identify people with a genetic condition which caused them to have an elevated level of cholesterol and which can be fatal. Students can see how genetic testing is carried out and learn about DNA electrophoresis.

  • For 6 lab groups

Also required: Electrophoresis tank, power supply, micropipettes (5 to 50 µl adjustable or 40 µl fixed volume) with tips, and a white light box is recommended.

Toimitustiedot: Kit includes instructions, Ready-to-Load™ DNA samples, agarose powder, practice gel loading solution, electrophoresis buffer, InstaStain® DNA stain, 1 ml calibrated drop pipette, 100 ml graduated cylinder and microtipped transfer pipettes.
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