Science Behind Ballistics and Firearms, Laboratory Activity Sets

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Science Behind Ballistics and Firearms, Laboratory Activity Sets
Opetusmateriaalit Forensics Educational Materials Laboratoriosarjat
Guide your students through basic identification of bullets and shell casings with real evidence samples and accurate re-created examples. The Flashcard Version of the activity uses flashcard images in place of activity materials for comparison. Students will determine the trajectory of a fired bullet, decipher the calibre of a bullet and shell casing, and learn techniques used to identify and match weapons to bullets and shell casings.

  • Multiple techniques covered in this activity divided into 5 sections
  • Time requirement: Approx 2 hours

Access to a dissection microscope would be useful but not a requirement. Please see elsewhere in the catalogue for details of microscopes.

Toimitustiedot: Includes materials for four groups, teacher’s guide, student copymasters.
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