Forensic comparison slide sets

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Forensic comparison slide sets
Opetusmateriaalit Forensics Educational Materials Pakkaukset rikospaikkatutkintaan
Sets of preprepared slides for comparison for a wide range of crime scene evidence types.

  • A Selection of several types of crime scene evidence; includes blood, hair, fibres, human cells and fingerprints

Blood and sperm: Differentiate between species by blood elements or morphological differences; set of smears slides -including human, livestock, pets and crustaceans.

Hair and fibre: Identify structural differences found in fibre and hair evidence; distinguish between animal and human hair found at crime scenes; whole fibres and hairs are mounted on the slides.

Fingerprint types: Identify individual friction ridge patterns- whirls, arches and loops.

Human pathology: Selection of common histological afflictions, cancer tissues to goiter.

Trace evidence: Use the slides to reference the microscopic evidence; slides range from dusts and pollens to toothpaste.

Toimitustiedot: For full details of the contents of each set, please ask for details.
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