OncoQuick®-putket, joissa on kierrekorkki, huokoinen este ja esisuodatettu erotusaine

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OncoQuick®-putket, joissa on kierrekorkki, huokoinen este ja esisuodatettu erotusaine
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OncoQuick® is a simple-to-use, rapid and efficient system for the enrichment of circulating tumor cells that are released into the blood by a solid epithelial tumor or malignant melanoma.

Järjestelmä, jolla voidaan rikastaa hajallaan olevat, kiertävät kasvainsolut periferaalisesta verestä. Ei sisällä sytotoksiineja eikä pyrogeenejä. Muita laboratoriolaitteita ei tarvita. Magneettihelmiä ei tarvita. Ei estä markkerimolekyylejä. Rikastus suoraan kokoverestä. Näytteen koko: 15–30 ml verta. Valmistettu aseptisesti.

  • Rapid and efficient
  • Sample volume 15-30 mL
  • Sterile
  • Depletion of blood cells by up to 6 log units
  • No additional laboratory equipment required
  • No magnetic beads needed
  • No blocking of marker molecules
  • Enrichment directly from whole blood

OncoQuick® combines the advantages of cell separation by density gradient centrifugation with recovery rates that are comparable with immunobead methods.

  • Kesto noin 45 minuuttia
  • Toistettava saanto: › 70 %
  • Verisolujen poisto, enintään 6 logaritmiyksikköä

OncoQuick® consists of a sterile 50mL polypropylene tube with a porous barrier which is inserted above the specially developed separation medium. The separation medium allows for the elimination of erythrocytes, granulocytes, lumphocytes and mononuclear cells. The disseminated tumor cells are enriched in the interphase. After harvesting, the enriched cell fraction is washed. The tumor cells are then available for all standard research methods.

Time request is approximately 45 minutes; reproducible recovery is > 70 %. The 30x115mm tubes have a conical bottom and blue screw cap. Blue graduated.
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