Pienikokoiset kanisterit, kierrekorkki, LaboPlast®

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216-0897EA 92.2 EUR
216-0897 216-5120 216-0898 216-2190 216-2192 216-2193 216-5384 216-2191
Pienikokoiset kanisterit, kierrekorkki, LaboPlast®
Pullot Jerry-kannut
PP-muovia, läpinäkyvä.

  • With or without threaded connector ³/₄"
  • Tamper-proof closure
  • Canister without stopcock autoclavable
  • Moulded, indestructible litre graduation

This compact jerrycan is ideal as a space-saving canister (only 65 or 125 mm wide). Different liquids can be stored and decanted in a small space. It can also be stored lying on its side e.g. in a refrigerator. It is very stable due to ribbed structure and thick sides.

Compact jerrycan and Stopcock set
The Compact jerrycan and StopCock set consists of a Compact jerrycan with 5 or 10 l glands and a spigot StopCock.

Compact jerrycan and compact stopcock set
The Compact StopCock is an ideal addition to the compact jerrycan - for perfect storage and filling when space is at a premium!
This space-saving set consists of a Compact jerrycan with 5 or 10 l glands and a spigot Compact.

Tilaustiedot: The 5L Compact jerrican with threaded connector 3/4" (216-5120) requires the additional purchase of a tap. The corresponding tap is item code 216-2854.
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