Elatusainepullo, neliönmuotoiset, steriilit, Nalgene®

Toimittaja: Thermo Scientific

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Elatusainepullo, neliönmuotoiset, steriilit, Nalgene®
Pullot Väliainepullot
PET, clear, with thread or complete with white HDPE screw caps.

  • Good chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistant from −40 to +70 °C
  • Breakproof, suitable for airfreight, leakproof closure

Light breakproof bottles with outstanding gas diffusion properties for storing and transporting liquid media, buffer solutions and sera. Bottles and caps are gamma-sterilised and pyrogen-free. They are non-cytotoxic. With textured graduations and inner sealing ring for use of tamper-evident caps.

Sertifikaatit: Complying with the requirements of USP, Class VI, USP 661 and European Pharmacopeia for Abnormal Toxicity Standards.

Pakkaus: Packed in shrink-wrapped layers. Layers are double-packed for use in critical environments.
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