CO₂ incubators, BBD 6220 and Cytoperm® 2

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CO₂ incubators, BBD 6220 and Cytoperm® 2
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These CO₂ incubators embody an innovative generation of equipment offering optimum protection from contaminants. They guarantee optimum repeatability of results. Thanks to their outstanding performance features the BBD 6220 and the Cytoperm®2 are predestined for all sectors making stringent demands on protection, safety and quality of work: in microbiological laboratories and with in vitro fertilisation as well as in cancer research or tissue engineering. Each incubator is characterised by reliability, safety and practical application characteristics complying with highest levels of quality.

  • Sterilisation of humidifying steam
  • Condensation-free interior
  • Fully automatic hot-air disinfection
  • Cytoperm® 2 offers in addition a controlled oxygen atmosphere in the chamber

The gas guard system supplied as standard from six separately sealed glass doors provides for segmented access. This greatly reduces recovery times during loading and unloading and reduces the risk of contamination to an extremely low level (with Cytoperm® 2).

Efficient sterilisation of the humidifying steam before admission to the chamber has been proven. The entire steam generation system is thus subject to constant sterilisation and is also disinfected again along with the 180 °C disinfection routine. With the BBD 6220 the interior is automatically disinfected at 180 °C without any need for dismantling fittings or sensors. The disinfection phase the unit is running is shown via a status display. The original incubation conditions of the instrument are then restored entirely automatically.

A tried and tested air jacket heating system ensures uniform stability of interior and wall temperatures. In order to deprive unwanted 'subcultures' of nutrient medium, the interior is free of condensate - even at high humidity levels. CO₂ control: Is measured using a thermal conductivity measuring cell with auto-start and auto-zero function, 180 °C hot air disinfection possible. CO₂ range: 0 to 20%, setting accuracy ±0,1 vol.%. Humidity is controlled with external water reservoir, measured by capacitive humidity measurement.
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