Micro haematocrit capillaries, VITREX®

Toimittaja: Vitrex Medical

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720-2291 MODU160613 720-2680 720-2289 720-2679 MODU155113 720-2689 MODU167313 MODU164113 MODU163613 MODU161813LRIS MODU162713 MODU160513 MODU163213 720-2290 MODU164213 MODU161113 MODU162313
Micro haematocrit capillaries, VITREX®
Pipetit ja pipetintäyttäjät Mikrokapillaarit
These tubes are supplied fire polished at the colour-coded end, which should be sealed with the Sigillum Wax. Fire polishing reduces wear on the centrifuge seals.

  • Each heparinised tube contains at least 4 IU heparin as prescribed by the Standard
  • Tubes are available in two types of packaging: Dispenser vials of 100 tubes each for hygienic and easy handling; and economy cardboard boxes, which reduce transport and handling costs
  • Sigillum Wax plate (needs to be ordered separately) has 2×24 numbered positions per pair, which makes it easy to seal and transport samples
  • The even wax layer ensures uniform sealing

Sertifikaatit: According to DIN ISO 12772.
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