Blood collection tubes, BD Microtainer®

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BD Microtainer®
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Blood collection tubes, BD Microtainer®
Diagnostiset testit Clinical Sample Collection/Preparation
These tubes are used for the collection of capillary blood from skin puncture.

  • Tubes come with a variety of additives for various tests
  • Provided with visible fill lines and are all colour-coded for ease identification
  • Tubes are also available for light sensitive analytes

BD Microtainer® tubes with BD Microgard™ closure have an integrated collection scoop, along with a wider diameter (8 mm) for ease of collection and improved mixing ensuring a quality sample is collected.

Additionally closure helps protect the healthcare worker from exposure to potentially infected blood with the 'twist assist' cap which reduces the risk of splatter upon removal of the cap.

It can also be used with a tube extender to increase the length to 75 mm, for use in 13×75 mm racks. BD Microtainer® tubes are also available with Flotop collector and closure plug.
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