Serum collection tubes, vacuum, BD Vacutainer®

Toimittaja: BD Medical

BD Vacutainer®
BDAM367614EA 85.7 EUR
BDAM367614 613-3974 BDAM368975 BDAM368493 BDAM367837 BDAM369032 BDAM368815 BDAM368492_U BDAM367814 BDAM367895UK 613-3973 BDAM367896
Serum collection tubes, vacuum, BD Vacutainer®
Diagnostiset testit Clinical Sample Collection/Preparation Blood Sample Collection/Preparation
PET, transparent.

  • With or without additive
  • With label

In order to obtain serum samples from plastic tubes, the tube must have a coagulation activator added. As the plastic surface alone is insufficient to trigger the coagulation within an acceptable time, BD Vacutainer® Plus plastic serum tubes have silica particles added for this purpose. These tubes are marked with the acronym CAT (Clot Activator Tube).
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