VWR®, Jäähdyttävät termostaattihauteet

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VWR®, Jäähdyttävät termostaattihauteet
Kiertotermostaatit Suljetut termostaattihaudejärjestelmät Jäähdyttävät termostaattihauteet
Stainless steel circulating baths with choice of Advanced Programmable or Advanced Digital temperature controller. Both are easy to navigate with large, intuitive displays and multiple communication options, including USB-A and B, RS232/485, Ethernet and external temperature probe. The reservoir drain can be accessed by removing the front panel. All models feature user-adjustable, high temperature safety cut-off points, as well as over-temperature protection. The surface is cool to the touch, even when operating at high temperatures.

  • Working temperatures from −40 to +200 °C with stability of ±0,01 °C (except 45 litre models with maximum 135 °C)
  • Variable speed pressure/suction pump with external circulation and temperature control capability
  • 180º rotating controllers, lid stowing system, chemically resistant deck and environmental control system reduces noise, increases refrigeration efficiency, and lowers energy consumption
  • Cooling technology regulates the amount of cooling required, saving energy while providing rapid cooling and precise control at elevated temperatures
  • Event scheduling (time and date), real time clock and temperature trends for up to 10 days with Programmable models
  • Selectable home screens and on-screen help
  • Automatic and/or user-adjustable performance optimisation

Advanced Digital models feature an intuitive 9,5 cm display with touch pad control, single-point calibration, menus and prompts in four languages: French, German, Spanish and English.

Advanced Programmable models have an intuitive 10,9 cm display, five-point calibration capability, menus and prompts in six languages: French, German, Spanish, English, Chinese and Arabic, plus time/temperature programming (10×100-step programs).

Sertifikaatit: Complies with DIN 12876-1, Safety Class III
Maximum pump capacities: 16,7 L/min, 250 mbar, 12,2 L/min suction

Toimitustiedot: Supplied with a reservoir cover, bypass tubing, male inlet and outlet adapters for 47, 63 and 95 mm tubing, ¼" to M16 adapters are also included. For probes and accessories, please visit vwr.com or contact your local Avantor sales office.

Varoitus: Cooling capacity at 20 °C
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