Holders and adapters for BD Vacutainer® products

Toimittaja: BD Medical
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BDAM364597 BDAM364815UK BDAM364815 BDAM364902� BDAM368872
Holders and adapters for BD Vacutainer® products
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The BD Vacutainer® holders are compatible with all BD Vacutainer® blood collection system; eclipse blood collection needle, Safety-Lok™ blood collection set, push button blood collection set and multiple sample Luer adapter.

The BD Vacutainer® Luer-Lok™ access device is designed for sterile, secure and safer specimen sampling. This device provides the security of a threaded, locking Luer connection. It is also compatible with a female Luer connection or needleless IV site designed for Luer-lock access, and Luer locking Foley catheter sampling ports.
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