illustra™ TempliPhi™100/500 Amplification Kits, Cytiva

Toimittaja: Cytiva
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illustra™ TempliPhi™100/500 Amplification Kits, Cytiva
Nukleiinihapporeagenssit Isothermal Amplification Reagents
TempliPhi™ Kits efficiently prepare micrograms of circular DNA from picogram input material. The DNA templates are prepared by rolling circle amplification (RCA) using bacteriophage Phi29 DNA polymerase. TempliPhi™ uses an isothermal method for the exponential amplification of circular DNA. Phi29 DNA polymerase is active at 30 °C, enabling amplification to be performed at this temperature without the need for thermal cycling. The TempliPhi™ protocol requires less than 20 minutes of hands-on time to amplify 96 samples from bacterial colonies.

  • Prepare circular DNA templates for cycle sequencing, cloning, and transformation in 4 to 6 hours
  • Generate microgram quantities of template DNA from picogram amounts of starting material
  • Use amplified DNA directly for cycle sequencing without purification
  • Amplify DNA from bacterial or M13 liquid cultures, colonies, plaques, glycerol stocks, or purified circular (plasmid or M13) DNA
  • Simple protocol reduces time, labour, and consumables needed for template preparation, and workflow enables easy automation
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