Micro pipettes, end-to-end, Vitrex® Micro

Toimittaja: Vitrex Medical A/S
MODU165013EA 208 EUR
MODU165013 MODU105113 MODU177713 720-2293 MODU172613 MODU179713 720-2295 MODU165713 MODU173313 MODU178313 MODU177113 MODU165513 MODU179513 MODU174413 MODU177213 MODU166013 MODU165913 MODU174613 MODU171113 MODU165613 720-2292 MODU165113 MODU165413 MODU179413 MODU174813 MODU178213 MODU174213 720-2294 MODU167913 MODU172213 MODU167613 MODU165313
Micro pipettes, end-to-end, Vitrex® Micro
Pipetit ja pipetintäyttäjät Mikrokapillaarit
For single use.

  • Volume is determined by both ends
  • Packed in glass vials
  • Vials have a dispenser top, making it easy to shake out one tube at a time, therefore ensuring hygienic handling
  • Dispenser tops are colour coded to indicate the tube volume in conformity with ISO 1769

Accuracy: ±0,50% (0,5 to 10 µl); ±0,50% (20 to 100 µl)
CV: 0,75% (0,5 to 10 µl); 0,60% (20 to 100 µl).

Pakkaus: Ten vials are packaged in a sturdy carton in order to protect the tubes from damage during handling or transport.
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