Tissue processing/embedding cassettes, Slimsette®, M509

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Slimsette®, M509
720-1585EA 176 EUR
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Tissue processing/embedding cassettes, Slimsette®, M509
Histologiset kasetit Kasetit kudosten käsittelyyn
Cassette design is similar to that of the M507 model but smaller, and with a lid that does not exceed the dimensions of the cassette. Made of acetal polymer.

  • Small size enables more cassettes to be loaded into labelling machines and storage systems at one time
  • Highly resistant to the chemical action of histological solvents
  • With 114 openings (each 1×5 mm) for efficient fluid exchange
  • Integral lid
  • Front face inclined 45° to enable use with certain automatic labelling systems

W×D×H: 41×28,5×6 mm

Pakkaus: One box with 500 cassettes.
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