Biopsy processing/embedding cassettes, Swingsette®, M516

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Swingsette®, M516
720-1642EA 312 EUR
720-1642 720-1653 720-1654 720-1652 720-1650 720-1651 720-1649 720-1648 720-1644 720-1655 720-1643
Biopsy processing/embedding cassettes, Swingsette®, M516
Histologiset kasetit Kudos- ja biopsiakasetit
Acetal polymer.

  • Integral hinged lid, with large tab for easier opening
  • Disposable plastic cassettes are highly resistant to histological solvents
  • Small, square openings ensure good fluid exchange without having to use foam pads or biopsy bags
  • Front face inclined 45° enabling use with certain automatic labelling systems

Pakkaus: Each case contains three boxes of 500 cassettes.
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