Protein purification kits, HOOK™

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Protein purification kits, HOOK™
Proteiininpuhdistusjärjestelmät Protein Purification Kits
For the rapid purification of soluble, 6X His or GST tagged proteins.

  • For bacteria or yeast cells
  • Includes lysis buffer and lytic enzymes
  • Gravity or spin format
  • Nickel or cobalt chelating resin for 6X His
  • High binding glutathione resin for GST

HOOK™ protein purification kits allow for the purification of soluble protein from bacterial and yeast cultures. The kits are supplied with a specific PE LB™ lysis buffer and lytic enzyme (LongLife™ PE LB™ Lysozyme or LongLife™ Zymolyase®) for efficient cell lysis with maintenance of the tagged protein’s properties. The 6X His tagged proteins are then purified with high binding efficiency nickel chelating or cobalt chelating resin. Cobalt chelating resin has a lower binding affinity for 6X His tags, compared to nickel chelating resin, which results in less non specific binding and may result in slightly lower yields. The GST tagged proteins are purified with a high capacity glutathione resin.

HOOK™ protein purification kits are supplied in a gravity flow format for yields of 10 mg/250 ml of culture and spin kits for rapid elution of protein for ~1 mg/50 ml of culture.
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