Manual, solenoid and motor valves

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Manual, solenoid and motor valves
Venttiilit Switching Valves
Range of manual and automated valves to meet a variety of performance requirements. They are designed for biocompatibility and years of reliable service, each may be inserted into the flow path without causing unnecessary mixing or sample dilution.

INV-907, IV-908, and PV-908 are motorised valves that are used in ÄKTAdesign platform. INV-907 is a 7-port valve (Fig 1) primarily intended for sample injection. IV-908 and PV-908 are 8-port versions for selection of columns, samples, or buffers. IV-908 can be used at pressures up to 20 bar (2 MPa, 290 psi) and is used on the low pressure side in a system, and PV-908 and INV-907 can operate up to 250 bar (25 MPa, 3625 psi) and are used on the high pressure side in a system. All valves are controlled via UNICORN.

Two low pressure, manual valve series are available including the economical LV series designed for C column systems and for other applications at pressures up to 3 bar (0,3 MPa, 42 psi).

Solenoid valves PSV-50 and the 3-way valve may be operated by most fraction collectors. Both have pressure limits of 2 bar (0,2 MPa, 29 psi) and excellent solvent resistance.The PSV-50 is used for gradient formation with HiLoad pump P-50 and flow diversion with most fraction collectors. Long life and zero dead volume make the 3-way valve an excellent choice for fraction collector flow diversion in SuperFrac.

The classic MV and IMV series valves are motorised versions of the V and IV valves designed for operation by LCC-501 Plus controller.
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