Shelving systems, wire, Super Erecta®

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Super Erecta®
METO1424BR 139-0290 METO1460NK3 METO1842NK3 METO1460BR METO2124NS METO1830NC METO2136BR 139-0299 METO1836NK3 139-0295 139-0296 139-0297 139-0298 139-0291 METO2124NC 139-0292 139-0293 139-0294 METO3060NC METO1442NC METO1448NC METO1836BR METO2124BR 139-0304 METO2424NC 139-0305 139-0306 METO1824NC METO3072NC METO2472NK3 METO1448BR METO2472BR METO1430NC METO1824NS METO1436NC METO3048NS METO1848NK3 139-0307 METO2442NK3 METO1472NC 139-0308 METO1442BR 139-0309 139-0314 139-0315 METO1430NS 139-0316 METO1830NK3 139-0317 METO2154BR 139-0310 METO1436NS METO1860NK3 139-0311 139-0278 139-0312 139-0279 139-0313 METO1818NC METO1824NK3 METO1472NS METO2460BR METO2130NS METO1436BR METO1424NC METO1854BR METO2460NK3 METO1460NC METO2130NC METO1424NS 139-0288 139-0289 METO1854NK3 139-0284 139-0285 139-0286 139-0287 139-0280 139-0281 METO1460NS 139-0282 139-0283 METO3648NC
Shelving systems, wire, Super Erecta®
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The open wire design of these heavy-gauge shelves minimizes dust accumulation and allows a free circulation of air, greater visibility of stored items and greater light penetration.

  • Fast, secure assembly: shelf is assembled in minutes without the use of any special tools
  • Versatile construction: by using various accessories, hundreds of shelving configurations become possible
  • Accessibility: shelves can be loaded/unloaded easily from all sides; this open construction allows use of maximum storage space of cube
  • Adjustability: shelves can be adjusted 25 mm intervals along the entire length of the post
  • Adjustable feet: bolt levelers compensate for surface irregularities

Brite: economical, chromate finish for dry, low humidity environments. Metro’s Brite finish provides the look of chrome and includes a protective lacquer coat.

Chrome: the 'real' nickel-chrome finish for dry, low humidity environments. Metro’s durable chrome finish includes a protective lacquer coat.

Type 304 polyshed stainless steel: addresses the most aggressive applications and environments. All-stainless solid and wire options exist for high temperature automated cart wash and autoclave applications.

Metroseal 3 with Microban: corrosion resistant finish for wet or high humidity environments with a 12 year warranty against rust and corrosion. Microban antimicrobial is built into the finish to keep the product 'cleaner between cleanings'.

Toimitustiedot: Plastic sleeves and wedges are included with each shelf.
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