Welding helmet, Speedglas™ 9100

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Welding helmet, Speedglas™ 9100
This welding shield protects eyes and face from radiation, heat and sparks while providing a precise view of the work. The auto-darkening welding lens 9100XX features advanced TST (TIG Sensor Technology) capable of detecting an arc down to an industry leading 1 amp. The head harness provides multiple adjustment combinations so that users can tailor the helmet to fit their personal preferences and comfort setting. Optimised for Stick, MIG, TIG with cut, grind, tack, hidden arc and outdoor settings.

  • Welding lens 9100XX with superior optical performance for continuous viewing comfort
  • Exhaust vents to assist in removing exhaled air; reduce the likelihood of a foggy welding lens
  • Increased coverage for ears and side of neck
  • SideWindows: Shade 5 windows that widen the field of vision
  • Magnifying lens holder provides precise lens placement
  • Head harness features:
  • Head harness fits head sizes 500 to 640 mm
  • Two adjustable crown straps distribute weight for better stability and balance
  • Smooth ratchet for precise tightening with swiveling, self-adjusting back strap
  • Smooth up-and-down pivot action can be 'locked' in the up position - a light pull lowers the helmet back down again
  • In the raised position, the Speedglas 9100 helmet's 'high point' is comparatively lower than other head harness solutions which means that it is closer to the head delivering superior balance

Sertifikaatit: EN 175:B, EN 379, EN 166:BT
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