Cleanroom anti-fatigue mats, Ergomat® Nitril and Nitril smooth

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Cleanroom anti-fatigue mats, Ergomat® Nitril and Nitril smooth
Matot Ergonomiset työtilamatot
The Ergomat® Nitril and Nitril Smooth are made from pure nitrile rubber and is designed to increase comfort while reducing trip hazards, body pain, quality issues and sick leave. It is ideal for areas where heat, oil and petrochemical resistance is crucial.

  • Choice of smooth or coned upper surface
  • Can be autoclaved (610×915 mm only) and features great antibacterial cleaning properties
  • Chemical exposure will not affect the state of the mat; no curling up, swelling, or expanding
  • Moulded, bevelled edges prevent curling, eliminating trip hazards
  • Raw, virgin material guarantees durability and ergonomic benefits
  • Free from silicone and latex
  • Can be pressure washed to 1,500 PSI
  • pH resistance from 5 to 10

The Nitril mats are a general application non-porous rubber ergonomic mat that is will not curl, swell or otherwise deteriorate when exposed to oils. In addition to proven ergonomic benefits, the Nitril provides exceptional traction in wet or oily environments for added worker safety. In situations with excessive fluid volume, or the need to promote air flow, Nitril can be die-cut to accommodate these requirements. The smooth version is ideal for areas where trolleys and carts are used.

Suitable for use in Class ISO 5 (100) cleanrooms.

Colour: Black

Sertifikaatit: Meets EN ISO/USDA/CFIA standards

Tilaustiedot: 3 year warranty.
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