VWR® VisiScope® 384, Vakiomallinen mikroskoopit

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VWR® VisiScope®
630-1935EA 1960 EUR
630-1935 630-2529 630-1934 630-1933 630-1932 630-1931 630-1930 630-2530
VWR® VisiScope® 384, Vakiomallinen mikroskoopit
Mid-level microscopes for use in universities, laboratories and in industry.

  • Energy saving LED with adjustable brightness and constant pure white colour temperature (6300 K)
  • ALC (Automatic Light Control): Light intensity is automatically adjusted by the microscope in case of objective or diaphragm changes
  • Modern, ergonomic stand plus adjustable focusing tension with limit stop
  • Rackless stage with belt-driven mechanism allows smooth movement

NOTE: Pi/Phi models = IOS (infinity corrected) objectives.

Toimitustiedot: Supplied with eyepieces, four objectives and multi-plug external power supply.
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