Pipetinkärkiä, automated pipette tips, Matrix® D.A.R.Ts®

Toimittaja: Thermo Scientific
MATR5322EA 1130 EUR
MATR5322 MATR5416 MATR5538 MATR5507 MATR5527 MATR5301 MATR5548 MATR5547 MATR5302 MATR5546 MATR5326 MATR5508 MATR5311 MATR5317 MATR5418 MATR5328 MATR5526 MATR5537 MATR5318 MATR5327 MATR5516 MATR5321 MATR5517 MATR5312 MATR5506 MATR5518 MATR5417 MATR5588 MATR5536 MATR5587 MATR5528 MATR5586 MATR5316
Pipetinkärkiä, automated pipette tips, Matrix® D.A.R.Ts®
D.A.R.T’S™ (Disposable Automation Research Tips) have been designed for the ultimate performance in automated pipetting.

  • Small internal orifice provides small droplet formation resulting in optimal accuracy and precision
  • Entire assembly can be quickly removed and replaced eliminating extra handling preventing damage or contamination
  • 100% inspection ensures superior quality
  • Flexibility to choose tips for any application
  • Available in standard, filtered, wide bore and extended length

Unlike conventional automation tips, D.A.R.T.’S are in disposable rigid magazines and seal onto the pipetting heads by being pressed against a silicone pad. This definitive seal minimises volume displacement and ensures tip straightness enabling consistent dispensing for improved well access.

Compatible workstations:
- Thermo Scientific Versette
- Thermo Scientific Hydra DT
- Thermo Scientific PlateMate 2×3
- Thermo Scientific PlateMate Plus
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