Sulkijamatot, sulkijamatot ja -nauhat

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MATR4413EA 106 EUR
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Sulkijamatot, sulkijamatot ja -nauhat
Sulkijakalvot ja -matot Mikrolevyn tiivisteet
Matrix CapMats and CapStrips are engineered to maintain a strong seal at all times on tubes, microplates, and deepwell blocks. CapMats effectively seal down to –80 °C, while cap strips give the flexibility to seal individual caps or rows.

  • Low temperature compatible so seals remain strong even under extreme conditions
  • Securely seals plates, blocks and tubes ensures sample integrity no matter what the vessel
  • EVA material construction provides a chemically resistant seal
  • Alphanumeric designation on mats simplifies well identification

Cap mats are the most effective seal for long-term storage or shipping. Their design ensures plates, blocks and tube racks remain securely sealed at temperatures down to –80 °C.

Cap strips offer the flexibility of sealing and accessing specific rows of a plate or block, cutting down the risk of crosscontamination and sample exposure. Separable strips offer the added benefit of being able to break apart to seal individual wells or tubes. Cap strips effectively maintain a seal down to –20 °C.
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